philosophy / how we work

Get Real. Work Hard. Have Fun. Be Kind.


Running a not-for-profit organization is a marathon, not a sprint. Growing your donor base, expanding your reach, telling your story, raising a million dollars [or two million, or five, or twelve...], bringing your board to a place of comfort when it comes to asking for support, changing your direction through strategic planning...these all require investments of time and resources - both increasingly and equally precious.

Ask any runner: you don't run the marathon first, and then start training the day after. At Nacy Warner Associates, we believe that you need to learn how to walk, then run, and then fly. Along the way you'll need to stretch. You'll have great days where the proverbial miles fly past, and you'll have days where each step is a horrible, painful grind. Through it all, every step, every mile, you'll have a partner invested in in your growth and success, cheering you across the finish line. [Sorry for the overly-obvious analogy.] This will be hard work, and it will also be fun, terrifying, magical, frustrating, and ultimately rewarding. The best things always are.

Ask again later.


We'll ask, and ask, and ask again - whether that ask is for a major gift, a meeting with a prospective donor, or for your true thoughts on the health and wellness of your organization and what we need to do to take you to the next level. 

Magic 8-Ball not included.

We'll wear your cause on our sleeve. Or on our chest.


Nacy Warner Associates only takes on clients with missions focused on equality, social justice, community-building, civic engagement, and empowerment. we take pride in the life-changing work our clients perform in the communities they serve. The existing political and social climates are pushing many organizations to the brink. You'll find a strong partner at Nacy Warner Associates.