The Community

We are proud to invest in our community, and with more than 12% of our company’s gross income donated to progressive 501(c)(3) organizations in the past year, we definitely put our money where our mouth is.

Our 2019 partnerships included:

… the Dining Out For Life International Annual Meeting & Conference, which brings together 50+ HIV Service Organizations throughout North America to become stronger and more sustainable

…the YWCA of the Greater Capital Region’s Stand Against Racism and Resourceful Women Awards Luncheon

EDGE Pride Center of New Jersey AIDS Services Pride 5K Run

New Leaders Council The Art of Progress fundraiser

The RED Bookshelf Luncheon

Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood

The Stakeholders, Inc.

CNY Pride

In considering a new community partnership, we take into account an organization’s mission [progressive is a must] and impact. If you would like to propose a partnership, please complete the [short] online form located below. 

If you have trouble completing the form, please contact us... WuFoo is terrific when it works, but sometimes it doesn't like certain browsers or operating systems.