The Options


Our services include strategy, planning, execution, and evaluation for:

· Development Programs [the art]

· Fundraising Programs [the science]

· Special Events [the razzle-dazzle]

· Capital Campaigns [the terrifying]

· Organization Administration [the bedrock]

· Communications [the audible]

· Social Media Engagement [the unicorn]

You can also hire us for training or speaking engagements related to any of the areas above.

Between Development Directors or Marketing Directors? Going through a staff transition, or looking for hire a development or communications professional for the first time? We can serve as your “rebound,” “interim,” or “not-sure-if-we-want-to-bite-the-bullet-and-hire-a-permanent-staff-person” option to help sustain your operations while you decide.

Through our partnership with The Stakeholders [an Albany, NY-based not-for-profit organization], we can also provide strategy, planning, execution, and evaluation for corporate employee volunteer programs.