Kat Brown

Senior Consultant and Director of Non-Profit Relations.  Looks like a cherub, but filled with snark.


15+ years in the non-profit sector: fundraising, media & marketing, communications, foundation and corporate grant writing, major gifts, event management, and donor relations. More than $20 million raised for a variety of national and local organizations. Currently sits on the Board of Directors for The RED Bookshelf in Albany, NY, focusing on childhood literacy, education, and equality.


In her spare time, she likes to bake, paint and teach her old dog, Patches, new tricks. (Patches' behavior is chronicled with the hashtag #F***Patches on social media – replace the asterisks with the actual letters….) She used to write a food blog, but now prefers to just eat.  

She was raised by a single mother who was her inspiration to grow into a proud-staunch-liberal-feminist-Democrat who cares most about equality and civil rights for all.


Karla M. Gareau, MBA

Director of Business Development and Communications.  Resilient.  Tequila lover. 

[Bloody Marias for brunch?] 


10+ years in the non-profit sector: fundraising, project, social media, and event management.  5+ years in the financial world, helping over 50 families gain financial independence.  6 years on the Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood board of directors, destigmatizing sexual health, and caring no matter what.  


Reader.  Her book club is one of her favorite places to be and some of her favorite people.  Lives in East Greenbush with her boyfriend, Phil and two cats, Ryder and Olive.  True crime junkie [murderino]. SSDGM.  Currently obsessed with the Office Ladies Podcast! Getting ready to read  These Truths: A History of the United States.


Richard Nacy Warner

 Principal Consultant. Mess-in-Chief. Aging rapidly.


24+ years, with fundraising, management, and administrative experience in the arts, human/social services, and politics. Also: running a business – when did that happen?


Performs moody electropop as Rick O’Disko [outside the US] and Daddy Judgment + The Disruptors [inside the US]. Still addicted to coffee. Hides secrets in his beard. Adopted a puppy [much to the chagrin of the cats]. Doesn’t recognize anything on the radio…and realizes that statement alone makes him an anachronism. 

Reading: Slowness by Milan Kundera; Shock Treatment by Karen Finley 

Listening: Gezeitenraum - Songs & Demos by Billie Ray Martin

Watching: How to Fix a Drug Scandal