The Work

Behold, the brick and its many uses.

Gather up a bunch and you can build a fortress to keep people out… or a bridge to welcome people in… or a ramp to help people reach greater heights.

Throw a single brick through a plate glass window, and you can start a revolution.

Whether you want to build something new or need help tearing something down so you can start again, Nacy Warner Associates can help.

The not-for-profit world is hard. If we can't make it easy, let's make it better.

Raise your hand if things have gotten easier for your not-for-profit organization in the past few years. OK - everyone with your hands up - see you later. 

For the rest: you have too much on your plate, too few hands to do the work, and too many people relying on the critical services you provide to your community. You probably spend way more time shaking your fist at the backlog of administrative and development work piling up than in raising your fist in support of the powerful work you do for the people you serve.

We should talk. Let Nacy Warner Associates provide you with the support you need to remain mission-focused and on-task.

Soup-to-nuts, real-world, real-time assistance.

Nacy Warner Associates can help your organization with strategic planning, administration, fund-raising, campaign development, communications, board engagement, event planning and execution, and even web development and graphic design. If you need it done, let's talk about how we can work together to make it happen.

Progressive causes.

We focus our work on organizations and causes that promote equality, social justice, LGBTQQIA+, HIV/AIDS and sexual health, reproductive rights, community-building, civic engagement, and empowerment. Fox News viewers and Conservatives need not apply; there are plenty of consulting firms out there who would be happy to take you on. Nacy Warner Associates isn't one of them. Also: faith-based organizations – we’re more than likely not going to be able to support your cause, unless your faith is based in humanism, equality for all, provides opportunity for all races, genders, forms of gender identity / gender expression, and doesn’t relegate women to second- (or third-, or tenth-)class status. [That pretty much rules out most organized religions, so… don’t @ me.]

Investment and pricing.

We will 100% work within your organization's budget restrictions to create a strategy to meet your needs. In accordance with solid fund-raising principles and industry standards, we NEVER contract with clients on a "we'll-take-a-percent-of-funds-raised" basis [and if you're looking at other consultants - as you should! -and they want you to enter into this kind of contract, then you should run] and will be happy to discuss fee structures on a per-project/campaign basis. We generally charge 25 to 50% up-front, with additional payments scheduled upon meeting key deadlines or deliverables.

Let's get it started in here.

Step One: Send an email or call us. We'll chat a bit to see if our firm might be a good fit for your organization or cause.

Step Two: Let's definitely meet for coffee. [Tea is a suitable alternative, as is Italian soda, cappuccino, hot cocoa, or the liquid refreshment of your choosing. Our principal doesn't drink alcohol, so as long as you don't mind drinking alone, cocktails for one can also work.]

Step Three: Profit!

Just kidding. The third step will be us encouraging you to meet with other prospective consultants so that you are aware of the range of amazing people who can help you achieve your organization's goals. If we're the right fit for you, you'll be back. If not: no harm and no foul! We'll be cheering you on as you continue your great work!

Oh, and rest assured - we're insured.

In addition to maintaining both general liability and "errors and omissions" insurance policies, both our principal and Director of Nonprofits are registered as a Professional Fundraisers with the New York State Attorney General's Charities Bureau and carry bonding in New York State as required by the Attorney General.

Ready to Talk?

Drop us a line and let's find out more about each other, because dating is fun.