who are we*?

Richard Nacy Warner

Principal. Indefatigable [mostly]. Coffee lover [always].


22+ years, with fundraising, management, and administrative experience in the arts, human/social services, and politics. 


Runner. Gardener. Reader. Runs an independent record label and also writes, produces, and performs electropop as Rick O'Disko. Lives in Central New York [hopefully not much longer] with his husband [Tom], his mother [Lil], and two orange cats [Cletus and Butters]. Obsessed with Bridget & Eamon. Last book read: Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving [a truly important read in our current sociopolitical climate]. Always up for a [good] cup of coffee.

* Coming Soon: A super-fancy section line the one above for the amazing Kat Brown, 

who joined the team as Senior Consultant in October 2018.

[We really need to update this site more.]